The Story of Struggle and Success

Maryam Sohail


When the darkness of disappointment and frustration surrounded everywhere, then Allah opens the path of ease and success for him.

I am living in Jauharabad which is a small city in Punjab. There are no job vacancies in this city. And people also don’t like that their daughters will move to another city for a job.

I can’t forget the day of 28th January 2018 when I received the email and SMS from E-Rozgaar after a long wait. I was excited, happy and confused also when going to E-Rozgaar center UOE Jauharabad for documents verification.  There was Sir Auon who verifying the documents of eligible students.

You are thinking Why was I confused?

Actually, I was doing the job on a contract in an Organization to support my family. And I couldn’t resign. It was really difficult to get permission from Principal for the training of 3.5 Months. But nothing is impossible. At last, she gave me a permission to take the class.

Orientation Session

Before the starting of class, it was an Orientation session on 8th February 2018. It was an introduction and motivational session for the fresh students who didn’t know about the online earning. In the session, we met our trainers, site manager, and Lab Manager. Their struggling stories motivate me and help me to take the strong decision.

Classes Start

The classes were started on 9th February 2018. I choose a non-technical domain. These were very hectic days for me because it was very difficult to manage the classes during office timing. But I am very thankful to our lab manager Sir Aoun, my trainers Sir Haris Jamil and Sir Hamza Khurshid who helped me a lot.

“Skills and Confidence are an unconquered army”

Many people don’t have the awareness about the skill which they hold. Before taking classes, I also didn’t know about my skills. Education makes sufficient but skills make me efficient. I learned a lot and trainers help us to find and improve the skills.

I couldn’t imagine that I can write. But my trainer gave me a confidence and helped me in writing my first article. He motivated me by giving a chance to come on stage.

After getting the skills, it was a big challenge to won the orders. I completed my first order from Facebook which was my direct client. But I was tensed and asking my trainers again and again that why didn’t I win the order on Fiverr.

But after the long and hard struggle, I won and complete 10+ order from Fiverr and direct client. I earned 100+ dollars.

It was the end of our training but not the end of hard work.

Ending Notes:

 As a girl, I really love to work online because it is home-based work. Starting may be difficult but not impossible. E-Rozgaar is a very good initiative of PITB which help in minimizing the unemployment.

Thanks, E-Rozgaar and PITB.